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1.Welfare of the pastor in terms of meals on the daily, meals for church ministers daily, for the church security, clinic staff, and estates at kansanga miracle centre

2. Provide meals for the church ministers at house of rest and staff of rest tv Monday to Friday

4. Provide meals to staff of Ephraim agencies Monday to Friday

5.provide lunch for the pastor's, ministers and guests every Sunday. 4.See to the welfare of the church guests both local and international both at church and house of rest. 5.Prepare meals for church functions as and when required.

6.We are stewards of the all crockery and cutlery and any other equipment in this line on behalf of the church. These among others like missions etc.

We have a junior team of children from 5 years to 16 who work alongside the senior team for purposes of continuity.

Our slogan is from psalms 115 : 1-2.