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    It’s a prayer meeting for the early risers who access town at 6am -7:30am. Pastor Isaac Kiwewesi wil be leading from mon-fri.


    Pray with us every Sunday (7:00pm - 10:00pm) at the life changing Sunday prayer altar and your life will not remain the same


    FOLLOW US ON; Instagram; @kansangamiraclecentre Twitter; @kansangaMiracle


    All our Church services are live on Facebook and Internet radio. Facebook; @kansangamiraclecentre Internet Radio;


    Join us for daily prayers at Kansanga Miracle Centre Church (6pm-11pm) and be part of the ongoing revival with Pr. Isaac Kyobe Kiwewesi. #OPEN HEAVEN 2019 (2Samuel 5:1)


    At the Plaza on the 17th-22nd Feb 2019, we are hosting Pr. ROLAND (12pm-2pm). #2019


    At House of Rest on the 18th-22nd Feb 2019,we are having Pr. Isaac Kiwewesi in the lunch hours (12pm-2pm).#2019

Who is a Partner?

  • A partner could be an individual or entity that has agreed to share responsibility in some common activity with another individual or entity
  • A partner is one who has committed to this ministry and shares its vision
  • Partnership is the relationship between entities that support each other in the achievement of a common goal.

As a ministry, we have never considered partnership as a perk, but rather as an opportunity to be counted among the faithful laborers in the Lord’s vineyard. Our partners are beyond the level of being donors; they are fellow laborers, stewards, teammates, pillars that ensure that this ministry carries on its mandate of raising a generation of possessing the land of their promises through the power of the gospel of Christ Jesus.

Our Commitment to you:

  • Consistent prayer for God’s blessing and favor upon your life
  • Diligently seeking God by committing into study His word
  • Minister daily to you through various avenues available
  • Receiving a personal letter from Pastor by post mail or electronically by e-mail on a monthly basis
  • Provision of excellent Christian care services and products
  • Be faithful stewards and operate with integrity and excellence

Your Commitment to Kansanga Miracle Centre:

  • To always stand in prayer for Pastor Isaac, his family and Ministry (1Timonthy 2:1 – 3)
  • Participate actively and willingly when called upon
  • Always keeping in touch with Ministry to get updates and or information
  • Actively endeavoring in being good ambassadors by recruiting new partners
  • Standing with the Ministry financially with your donations, contributions or love gifts as God directs you (Philippians 4:17)

Which area should I Partner?

Kansanga Miracle Centre Church has a variety of areas in which you can be a partner. The following are the areas that you may stand with Pastor Isaac K. Kiwewesi:

  • Working Faith International Gathering (WFIG): see page for details
  • The Building Project: see page for details
  • The Prisons Mission: see page for details
  • The Free Community Health care: see page for details
  • Schools and University  Outreach: see page for details
  • Television: see page for details
  • Radio: see page for details
  • Lunch Hour Fellowships: see page for details
  • Music Ministry: see page for details
  • Children’s Church: see page for details

How can I become a Partner?
By becoming a partner, you are responding to God’s call and I guarantee that your labor will not be in vain {1Corr 15:58 ‘…therefore, my beloved brethren, be steadfast, immovable, always abounding in the work of the Lord, knowing that your toil is not in vain in the Lord’}. Fill up the form and send back the information, we shall reply you immediately.

I would like to become a Covenant Partner and I commit to contribute a monthly gift/ donation of 10$........ 20$...... 30$...... simply authorize us to automatically deduct this amount from your bank account.
I would like to sow a special seed of ............................................and I am believing God to do a major thing in my life.