About Kansanga Miracle Centre

Kansanga Miracle Centre Church embraces all calibers of people seeking; love, salvation, deliverance, encouragement, healing, acceptance, comfort, refuge and answers to their questions and concerns. As a Ministry we believe in God the Father Almighty, creator of Heaven and Earth and His only begotten Son Jesus Christ, our LORD. He was crucified died and was buried; and rose again from the dead; and ascended into Heaven and He is seated on the right hand of God the Father; He will come again to judge the living and the dead; His Kingdom will have no end.

The Church is located at Wheeling zone, Kansanga Parish, Makindye East Division, Kampala District – Uganda, East Africa. It now occupies over 7 acres of land with multi-billion facilities, among these is; An 8000 seater God’s Sanctuary which was inaugurated on 18th December 2005 by His Excellency the President of the Rep. of Uganda – Mr. Yoweri Kaguta Museveni.

Pastor Isaac Kiwewesi

Pastor Isaac Kyobe Kiwewesi is the founder and Senior Pastor of Kansanga Miracle Centre. His message is focused on; hope, encouragement, inspiration, motivation and above all working faith through Christ Jesus. He is married to Mrs Barbra Sasha Kyobe and the Lord has blessed them with Joana Divine Kirabo Kyobe, Isaac Junior Denzel Kyobe and their adopted daugther Camilla Esther. The Ministry has grown over the years from a humble beginning of a temporary papyrus structure with only 500 members to a mega state of the art 8000 seater God’s Sanctuary with a membership of 5000 people.

God has called us to raise a generation with an attitude of possessing the land of their promises and whatsoever they their hands unto never to give up until the battle is declared over’ – Derived from Joshua 1:3.
  • We value all believers and ministers, serving God according to their giftedness.
  • We value the building and supporting of healthy family relationships.
  • We are committed to the truthfulness, trustworthiness and authority of the Bible.
  • We are committed to strong pastoral leadership and biblical Stewardship
  • A mature committed Christian generation built on faith principles
  • We are committed to prayer and Fasting
  • We are committed to reaching to others with the message of hope.
  • We are committed to dynamic praise and worship.
  • We are dedicated to the payment of Tithes.
  • We are committed to innovation, creativity, and excellence.
  • We are committed to integrity, credibility, and unity.
  • We aim for personal ambition and development
  • We exhibit good leadership, governance and development of our people through training.
  • We uphold high levels of confidence, dedication, effectiveness and self-worth
  • We aim for advancement, responsibility and humility
  • We are responsible in our efforts to God’s work, mission, purpose and values.
    Kansanga Miracle Centre Church delivers services to different segments of the society using various channels to date, namely:
  • Counselling Programs.
  • Television Outreach Program.
  • Radio Outreach Program
  • Website: www.kmc.ug
  • Lunch Hour Fellowships
  • Home cell Fellowships
  • Missions, Conferences and Crusades Programs
  • Working Faith International Gathering (WFIG)
  • The Holy land Pilgrimage
  • Ministerial Activities Like (Music, Christian Care, Men, Women, Youth, Children, Intercessors, Marrieds)
  • Executive Christian Fellowship & Fraternity Fellowships