Kansanga Miracle Centre Partnership

Partnership is biblically approved as evidenced in Luke 8: 1 – 4 (…and many others who were contributing to their support out of their private means…) therefore by partnering with Kansanga Miracle Centre, you are provided with an opportunity of experiencing the full benefits of a covenant connection thereby distinguishing yourself through sowing in fertile soil.

The world is in dire need of knowing the Lord as Savior of their lives, and it is you and me who are entrusted with this great commission of ministering love to the hurting world by all means possible. Together, am very confident that we can impact the world and accomplish impossible things to the glory of our Lord and by this you automatically qualify to being a contributor to the vision that the Lord placed upon my life.

We are committed to consistently pray for all our partners and informing them of the things that the Lord has done and is doing in the ministry. We shall also send you resources that will enable you to further understand our relationship with one another. Therefore, prayerfully consider becoming a Partner and let’s impact the lives of millions with the message of love and hope. Always remember ‘Never to give up until the battle is over!’

As a ministry, we have never considered partnership as a perk, but rather as an opportunity to be counted among the faithful laborers in the Lord’s vineyard. Our partners are beyond the level of being donors; they are fellow laborers, stewards, teammates, pillars that ensure that this ministry carries on its mandate of raising a generation of possessing the land of their promises through the power of the gospel of Christ Jesus.

Who is a partner?

  • A partner could be an individual or entity that has agreed to share responsibility in some common activity with another individual or entity
  • A partner is one who has committed to this ministry and shares its vision
  • Partnership is the relationship between entities that support each other in the achievement of a common goal.

Our Commitment to you:

  • Consistent prayer for God’s blessing and favor upon your life
  • Diligently seeking God by committing into study His word
  • Minister daily to you through various avenues available
  • Receiving a personal letter from Pastor by post mail or electronically by e-mail on a monthly basis
  • Provision of excellent Christian care services and products
  • Be faithful stewards and operate with integrity and excellence

Your Commitment to Kansanga Miracle Centre:

  • To always stand in prayer for Pastor Isaac, his family and Ministry (1Timonthy 2:1 – 3)
  • Participate actively and willingly when called upon
  • Always keeping in touch with Ministry to get updates and or information
  • Actively endeavoring in being good ambassadors by recruiting new partners
  • Standing with the Ministry financially with your donations, contributions or love gifts as God directs you (Philippians 4:17)

Which area should I Partner?

Kansanga Miracle Centre Church has a variety of areas in which you can be a partner. The following are the areas that you may stand with Pastor Isaac K. Kiwewesi:

  • Working Faith International Gathering (WFIG): see page for details
  • The Building Project: see page for details
  • The Prisons Mission: see page for details
  • The Free Community Health care: see page for details
  • Schools and University Outreach: see page for details
  • Television: see page for details
  • Radio: see page for details
  • Lunch Hour Fellowships: see page for details
  • Music Ministry: see page for details
  • Children’s Church: see page for details

How can I become a Partner?

By becoming a partner, you are responding to God’s call and I guarantee that your labor will not be in vain {1Corr 15:58 ‘…therefore, my beloved brethren, be steadfast, immovable, always abounding in the work of the Lord, knowing that your toil is not in vain in the Lord’}. Fill up the form and send back the information, we shall reply you immediately.

Become a Partner