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    It’s a prayer meeting for the early risers who access town at 6am -7:30am. Pastor Isaac Kiwewesi wil be leading from mon-fri.


    Pray with us every Sunday (7:00pm - 10:00pm) at the life changing Sunday prayer altar and your life will not remain the same


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    Join us for daily prayers at Kansanga Miracle Centre Church (6pm-11pm) and be part of the ongoing revival with Pr. Isaac Kyobe Kiwewesi. #OPEN HEAVEN 2019 (2Samuel 5:1)


    At the Plaza on the 17th-22nd Feb 2019, we are hosting Pr. ROLAND (12pm-2pm). #2019


    At House of Rest on the 18th-22nd Feb 2019,we are having Pr. Isaac Kiwewesi in the lunch hours (12pm-2pm).#2019

Home Cell a place of  feeding, functioning and fruitfulness as a family in a home setting

Home Cells

The Home Cells began in Kansanga Miracle Centre in November 2006, after an introductory training of all Potential Cell leaders and hosts. It was after this that they started, with the trained people as the basis of human resource. They were about 20 Home cells that were started then.

Kansanga Miracle Centre herself began as a Home Cell of 8 people in 1992.  Therefore Home Cells are a fundamental matter of foundation for the ministry. The Home cells are not primarily Bible study groups, much as Bible study is of high value, but rather discussion and sharing groups in which people discuss the previous Sunday sermon or message and share spiritual insights, revelation and understandings; being equipped for outreach to believers, non-Christians and nominal Christians to produce phenomenal growth rates in Kansanga Miracle Centre Church, and the Body of Christ as a whole.  The Church currently has 48 active Home Cells spread over the church community, located in Makindye division of Kampala, and still growing.  Many people’s lives have tremendously been transformed for the better, with vibrant testimonies.

Home Cells in the context of KMC

A Home cell is basically a group of Christians, usually ranging from two (2) to twelve (12) adults that meet regularly (weekly) in a home for mutual care, edification, and outreach as they impact their community for Christ.  In Kansanga Miracle centre Cell-groups are structures that help extend the face-to-face care and love of Christ to all the members of the church and others within their community.

Home Cell Mission (Purpose)

To strengthen believers in the Word of God through Home fellowships for fruitfulness and empower them to impact their community for Christ

Objectives of Home Cells

  1. To establish the believers in the word of God through sharing and studying the Bible together in small groups.
  2. To provide a conducive environment for a deeper fellowship and family bonding among cell members, developing committed relationships.
  3. To reach out to community with the Love of Jesus Christ through fellowship, relationships, witnessing and community work.
  4. To identify and nurture people’s gifts and talents through participation of all cell members, developing leaders and engaging them in active ministry.
  5. To follow-up new converts and members of Kansanga Miracle Centre and other believers within their community and disciple them, leading to maturity of the Church.
  6. To identify and minister to the needs of individual members (spiritual, social, intellectual and physical), acting as a prayer fountain for the church.
  7. To act as channels of communication between church leadership and church members, and helping members live the lifestyle of excellence at their community level for excellence and numerical growth.

How home cells fulfill the purpose

 The F-Plan of Home Cell Purpose fulfillment
The Mission Purpose of Home Cells is fulfilled through the “The F-Plan”, i.e. Family, Feeding, Function and Fruitfulness.

The Basic Order of Fellowship in Cells
  1. Opening prayer, praise and worship; (10-15 minutes)
  2. Ice-breaker and welcoming            (5 minutes)
  3. Testimonies                         (10 minutes)
  4. Lesson’s introduction                (10 minutes)
  5. Discussion or application;           (40 minutes)
  6. Prayer for needs          (15 minutes)
  7. Fellowshipping             (20 minutes)

The Work Strategy for the year

Home Cell Strategic Mission for 2012
“To Develop Positive and Winning Attitudes that Will Reveal and Display the         Glory of God by Impacting Communities through Home Cells,


The Strategic Objectives for 2012

  1. Prayer (to promote prayer in the Home Cell ministry)
  2. Training and capacity-building (to develop and equip Cell Leaders)
  3. Evangelism (to evangelize to each Home Cell community by the end of 2012)
  4. Consolidation and expansion  (to grow Home Cells by 30%)

Join Cell today for a life-changing experience of Family, Feeding, fruitfulness and functioning in a home environment!